April 2, 1918

Japan’s first fire alarm manufacturer was established under the corporate name of “Tokyo Hochiki Co., Ltd.” at Yurakucho, Kojimachi-ku (now Chiyoda-ku), Tokyo under the investments mainly by life insurance companies.

The prospectus tells that the Company has been established for the purpose of “manufacturing fire, theft and other alarms and selling modern fire-fighting machinery.”

April 1920: Installed an MM-type fire alarm for public use at Nihonbashi (Tokyo) for the first time in Japan.

Machida Plant

Head Office

UHF converter

Hochiki America Corporation

Electromagnetic field-measuring vehicle working among high-rise buildings in Shinjuku

Miyagi Plant

Hochiki Europe (U.K.) Limited

Multipurpose Fire Test Laboratory

Certificate of Quality System

October 1951: Succeeded in developing an automatic fire detector.
May 1962: Constructed the Machida Plant in Machida City, Tokyo.
July 1963: Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
January 1967: Commenced the sales of UHF broadcasting converters.
June 1968: Succeeded in developing an ionization type smoke detector.
November 1968: Constructed a Head office building at Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo and moved Head Office there.
March 1969: Constructed the Kakuda Plant (currently called Miyagi Plant) at Kakuda City, Miyagi Prefecture.
November 1971: Established a Representative Office in Los Angeles, USA.
May 1972: Shifted to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
July 1972: Revised the corporate name to HOCHIKI CORPORATION.
July 1972: Established our fully owned subsidiary, HOCHIKI AMERICA CORPORATION in USA.
December 1974: Constructed Ibaraki Plant at Yuki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture for exclusively manufacturing electronic devices.
July 1986: Commenced the sales of R-type fire prevention system with Model HRE.
September 1986: Established a Representative Office in London, UK.
January 1991: Constructed the new Miyagi Plant at Kakuda City, Miyagi Prefecture.
December 1991: Established our fully owned subsidiary, HOCHIKI EUROPE (U.K.) LIMITED in the UK.
July 1992: Miyagi Plant acquired the approval under the international standard of quality management system, ISO-9001.
May 1993: Constructed a new Osaka Branch office building at Higashi Osaka City.
December 1995: Constructed the Multipurpose Fire Test Laboratory of the world’s largest scale at Kakuda City, Miyagi Prefecture (attached to the Miyagi Plant).
June 1996: Commenced the sales of R-type fire prevention system with Model HRI.
June 1997: Established the Singapore Branch Office as bridgehead of sales activities in Southeast Asia by reinforcing the Representative Office (established in June 1995).
April 1998: Commemorated the 80th anniversary.
June 1998: Acquired the Certificate of Quality Management System for our fire prevention system by Public Safety Bureau, Chinese Government.
March 1999: Commenced the sales of a residential building fire alarm system, “SV System”, not requiring emergency power source.
August 1999: Machida Plant acquired the approval under the ISO-9001.
July 2001: Established a Representative Office at Beijing, China.
October 2001: Our Special Disaster Preventive Dept. acquired the approval under the ISO-9001.
December 2001: Machida Plant acquired the approval under the ISO-14001.
February 2006: Established our fully owned subsidiary,HOCHIKI FIRE PREVENTION TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION in China.
April 2008: 90th Anniversary of Hochiki Corporation.
April 2008: Consolidated seven of all the maintenance subsidiary companies(except Hochiki Maintenance Center Corp.) into two(Hochiki Higashinihon Maintenance Corp.and Hochiki Nishinihon Maintenance Corp.)
September 2008: Office established at Taiwan.
June 2009: Wind power system and Solar photovoltaic system have installed in Miyagi Plant.
April 2011: Merged Hochiki Distribution Center Corp.
April 2011: Office established at Australia.
October 2011: Merged Hochiki Maintenance Center Corp. and Hochiki Higashinihon Maintenance Corp. and Hochiki Nishinihon Maintenance Corp.
October 2011: Hochiki Australia Pty.Ltd. established.
June 2012: Hochiki America Corp. established Hochiki de Mexico,S.A.de C.V.
July 2012: Kansai Hochiki Engineering Corp. merged Ehime Hochiki Corp.
September 2012: Taiwan salse branch office established.
October 2012: Acquired Kentec Electronics Ltd.
March 2013: Banggkok representative office and Jakarta representative office established.
March 2013: Hochiki Europe(U.K)Ltd. established Hochiki Middle East FZE in Dubai
April 2014: Hochiki Asia Pacifiic Pte.Ltd. established in Singapore.
November 2014: Hochiki Europe(U.K)Ltd. established Hochiki India Liaison Office
April 2015: Reliability Test Center has been established for the purpose of further product quality improvement.
July 2015: Transferred all of shares of Hochiki Fire Prevention Technology Corp.in China