Multipurpose Fire Test Laboratory

Our sincere desire to
“offer highly reliable disaster-preventive systems
that assure safety and security”

was crystallized into this
comprehensive Fire Test laboratory of the 120m-long,
It is the longest laboratory building in the world.

Building scale
Total scale
Length : 133m  
Width : 25m  
Height : 26m  
The space for Fire Test
Length : 120m  
Width : 25m  
Height : 26m  
Floor space : 3,000m2
Multi-purpose fire-extinguishing
Length : 10m  
Width : 10m  
Height : 3.5m  
Large-scale water cannon
fire-extinguishing system
Medium-scale water cannon
fire-extinguishing system
Small-scale water cannon
fire-extinguishing system
Fire-extinguishing experiments
105-3 Maehara, Ejiri, Kakuda City,
Miyagi Prefecture, P.C : 981-1521

Tel : (0224) 68-3850 (The main number)
Fax : (0224) 68-3855

Research and experimental items
Fire-extinguishing ability of high-ceiling type sprinkler head
Fire-extinguishing ability in fire at rack warehouses
Fire-extinguishing ability in tunnel fires
Water particle sizes and fire-extinguishing ability
Fire-extinguishing ability of water spraying
Pin-point water discharging
Prevention of spread or expansion of fire
Fire-extinguishing techniques
Fire phenomenon of fire in large space
Fire phenomenon of fire in corridors
Fire phenomenon of fire in staircases
Fire-detecting techniques
Smoke-suppressing/controlling techniques
Evacuation-guiding techniques
Video systems for preventing disasters,
    such as fires, or crimes
Recognition and identification of invaders or fire
    through image processing
Operation and training of disaster-preventive systems
Man-machine interface of disaster-preventive systems

Our Multipurpose Fire Test Laboratory
gives birth to safety, security,
comfortableness, and convenience.

Video of Laboratory