Corporate Data and Executives

Head Office 2-10-43 Kamiosaki Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Date Established April 2nd, 1918
Capital ¥3,798 million
(shares traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's First Section)
Directors and Executive Officers Representative Director Chairperson Kenji Kanamori
Representative Director President and CEO Akio Yamagata
Director Senior Managing Executive Officer Hajime Hosoi
Director Managing Executive Officer Kazuhito Itani
Managing Executive Officer Satoshi Mori
Director Managing Executive Officer Yasuharu Kobayashi
Director Managing Executive Officer Michihiro Yonezawa
Director Managing Executive Officer Kimihiko Yagi
Managing Executive Officer Yasuhiro Yoshimoto
External Director Hiroyuki Uemura
External Director Tomoatsu Noguchi
Director Senior Executive Officer Kiyoshi Amano
Executive Officer Eiichi Tanaka
Executive Officer Atsushi Suwamoto
Executive Officer Atsushi Nagai
Executive Officer Hiroshi Sekiguchi
Executive Officer Patrick Agbakpe
Executive Officer Kazuhiro Miyoshi
Executive Officer Masahiro Kai
Executive Officer Atsushi Masuda
Audit and Supervisory Board Member Audit and Supervisory Board Member (full-time) Yuji Hirai
External Audit and Supervisory Board Member (full-time) Masahide Nakamura
External Audit and Supervisory Board Member Makoto Tanaka
Audit and Supervisory Board Member Minako Adachi
Principal Activities Research and development, manufacturing and sales, consulting and engineering, installation and maintenance of the systems such as Fire Alarm Systems, Smoke Control Systems,Fire Extinguishing Systems, Network Systems, Security Systems.

Management Philosophy

Safety for All

To contribute to be providing safety for people

Quality & Value

To contribute to society to add value

Community Welfare

To contribute to the surrounding communities of our company to provide happiness



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